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More Than Music DJ Institute Students in Actions and Celebrity Support. . 

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 : Eric from Puma for event fundraiser with DJ Lisa Love Rane dj.MTMDJIMTMDJIMTMDJI
MTMDJIMTMDJIMTMDJI : Lisa Love and Rich Medina
MTMDJI : dj d-berg got the hang of it : Using the NS 7 in the school : dj d-berg on graduation day
 : graduation day and knowing Serato well : graduation day with Serato skills : ayyoub in the mix house music style : Robert Using the NS 7 and Serato Itch
 : Shawnee using Serato Scratch live : the custom NS-7 with Serato Itch : J-Flyy on graduation dayMTMDJI
 : dj cutlas, after he taught the advanced scratch class : Using Serato Scratchlive : J Flyy using Serato Scratchlive : DJ Lisa Love and Graduate, Jonathan.  Yes he knows Serato Scratchlive well!
 : It's Noelz and she knows Serato Scratchlive and Serato Itch. : CNN's Reza Sayah after graduating from the MTMDJI. : headphones at the school : Serato Scratchlive and serato itch
 : The Rane 57 with serato scratchlive : DJ Pia mixing with serato scratchlive. : DJ Kwik and Lisa Love showing off his serato scratchlive and Rane setup : DJ Lisa Love and Serato Scratchlive and Sony headphones
 : Kindred's Fatim and Lisa Love : repping music all day : Lisa Love and Tracey : Kim Fields and Lisa Love
 : Lisa Love and Lady B of WRNB 107.9 fm : Throwback with Lisa Love and Lady B at the radio station : Lisa Love and Jaguar Wright at Philly LivePod : Lisa Love and Guardian Angel Just Greg at Philly Livepod
 : Shon Pen and DJ Lisa Love at Philly Livepod : Music For Life, DJ Lisa Love. : Rane DJ (Serato Scratchlive!) : Christine graduated from the MTMDJI and uses serato scratchlive
 : Alicia dj Alnuts on her Denons : House call lesson.  We will come to your home and teach you with your equipment or with ours. : Yes we teach lawyers too! : just everyday people learning a new skill
 : Congrats Norman Davis Music Association : Another RANE DJ graduate... : in the mix! : Say cheese...I can DJ yes I can!
Sean RuckerHancey : Kervin graduatedDavid A Morton DJ DAM
 : Another focused DJ : Graduated and at her first Gig : Cheese... another youth in the mix : Sara did it!
 : DJ Akomplish graduated and took a workshop : another House call lesson! : All the way from Pittsburgh PA : DJ Leash graduated from the MTMDJI
 : She took an advanced course, stepping up her knowledge : DJ Caution took a Video DJ class. : Marsh Ambrosius at my birthday party. : DJ DAM took advanced lesson
 : At the Mobile Beat Convention in Vegas : Yes we teach Pharmacists too! : We do buddy advanced DJ lessons too! : Enjoying the summer nights on the rooftop
 : Power 99 many can you name? : Eric Roberson event with DJ Lisa Love : Everday people taking DJ lessons...a pharmacist : Just a Friend Bizmarkie
 : DJ Shortee and Lisa Love : another student focused on the lesson : music for life! Celebrate the music : me and one of my happy graduates!
 : Summer graduate with a big smile! : The whole family came to her graduation... : In California at the NAMM convention  RANE exhibit : got him mixing and blending!
 : music ....I love teaching and I love music : celeb style in California : Swag at the MTMDJI : Sgt took lessons too
 : another MTMDJI graduate!!!!! : smoothed out grad : from DJ Jazzy Jeff to Lisa Love : got him on the grad lane!!!!
 : me and D-Lux : More swag : DJ Honey : DJ Dior graduated!!!!
 : Doing a private House party : DJ lessons in session : the future of the MTMDJI : Casper cha cha slide part 2
 : in cap and gown dj styling : congrats DJ Ali : Tee graduated! : Congrats to another grad!
 : yes we teach Med students as well.  The Dr is in : focused yes focused! : Khaleef!!!!!! : The sexiest singer on the planet!
 : NDMA graduated!!!!! : SGT!!!!!! : Lynn R getting it! : The lucky 7...learned to DJ in two hours the same time!
 : Scratch class with DJ Cutlas : another graduate of the MTMDJI : ilan!!!!! : Going to the DJ Expo in Atlantic City
 : Marsha with Dj Lisa Love : Thumbs up : April and Hasan : J Starr salute!
 : yes she graduated today! : she is so happy... a MTMDJI graduate! : Spanish flow...lets go! : incognito, but he still graduated!
 : DJ Madhouse!!!!! : DJ MadHouse : the set-up(s) : graduated and happy about it!
 : Red lazer flow.  scan me and see what you can see! : Rooftop Thursdays at Warmdaddy's : a prescription to beat matching... : graduated tonight!
 : the mechanics of it all : swagged up : DJ Shye graduated! : Wynona did it!  She graduated!
 : another scratch class : Classic Soul Graduate flow : swag times 2 : Steve Choi did it plus he's an auto mechanic
 : currently in VA spinning weekly : DJ J Fly : I am DJ NadoDJ DAM
 : Jersey swaggDJ Shye : Rafael Serrano see photo below! : ...get your tattoo from dj Rafael Serrano
 : Eric the psychologist plus spin master : club flow : spinning a Sam Ash : another incognito
 : Algebra Blessett and DJ Lisa Love : Karaoki flow at Sultan : on the waterfront... : at LA fitness
 : More Than Music DJ Battle : DJ One TouchMTMDJINAMM
 : DJ DAM in the mix doing his thing : DJ Shye doing her thing at the club : DJ Lisa Love totally swagger out : Rafael Serrano graduated
 : Eric Graduated : DJ Lisa Love and DJ Red Alert