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DJ Lekim gives his testimonial regarding taking a Dj Course with DJ Lisa Love.  He (Vyron Kinson) was also named #12 of 28 Contemporary Black Deaf Artists: Disc Jockey. #BlackHistoryMonth
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From DJ Shye on Monday, April 29, 2013:
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"Shortly after saying hello, DJ Lisa asked my son, Brandon, 'so, how are you doing in school?'  That question set the tone for some of the great advice that she provided that evening.  Sure, she provided great “operational” instruction, helping Brandon to improve his beat matching and helping him to truly understand and perform scratching – and make the best use of some of his newly upgraded gear, but their time together was much more than that – it was… inspirational.  Lisa was as concerned that Brandon keep his priorities in order (school first!) as she was that he improve his DJ skills – which was totally unexpected.  And, after a very focused four hours of working together, Lisa, on her way out, offered some additional words of wisdom – insuring that Brandon really got her messages.  I found Lisa to be as professional in her dealings with me as she was with my son and I recommend her highly."
David Peltz, father of DJ Brandon Peltz 

"DJ Lisa Love is the best teacher.  She has patience and lots of motivation toward the student.  She taught me everything that I wanted to know and more.  She put things into terms that I was able to understand.  We had fun with it and it didn't feel like a lesson; it felt like I was learning new skills which I will use in the future."
Brandon Peltz 
"It was a fun and creative experience.  I learned to really listen to music and understand the beats of the music:  Feel and listen.  Lisa Love is a very good teacher: very patient and you can tell she enjoys it.  She cares about her students.  I felt the love of Lisa Love.  Thank you."
Fabiola Drummond (DJ Fabiola)
"I've always wanted to learn how to DJ, but I never had the time or money to put into it until I met DJ Lisa Love. Her affordable classes and flexible schedule allowed me to learn at my own pace and pockets! When it was time for me to buy some equipment she sent me to her connect downtown. I walked in the store and told them I was a student of DJ Lisa Love's and the rest was history. I strolled out with a speaker, turntables, mixer, cases, and 10,000+ songs for a great price.  What I like most is the individualized attention I received from start to finish and her passion for teaching proper technique.  Trust me, this isn't some DJ school teaching you the mixing 2 step for a couple classes and sends you on your way after your checks clear. Nor is it an expensive academy that only remembers you by your bank account #. This is a DJ that has over 20+ year of experience, has her own radio show, connects on equipment, and will keep in touch with you to make sure you keep up your new skills. I would recommend taking classes with DJ Lisa Love only if you're truly serious. 
Nylz Reyes  (DJ Camaro SS)
“As a life-long fan of music I decided that I wanted to become a professional DJ.  My experience learning to DJ was very fun and informative at the same time.  Loving what you do and having a passion for it is the difference between a job and a career.  DJ Lisa Love was patient knowledgeable and entertaining all at the same time.  She answered all my questions and took the time to make sure I was grasping everything I needed to know.  The whole experience was definitely positive and I would recommend DJ Lisa Love and the MTMDJI to anyone wanting to become a DJ.”
Charles Swint (on Facebook
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I feel that DJ Lisa Love’s instruction did a fantastic job of teaching me DJ’ing.  In spite of my initial lack of knowledge about all aspects of DJ’ing, after 5 classes I was able to mix, scratch, set-up and operate equipment; in short I could DJ and I had all the knowledge necessary to continue to improve my skills.  Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons.  DJ Lisa Love has a friendly and wonderful teaching style, and I always felt safe and comfortable with her.  DJ Lisa Love even gave advice not directly related to the lessons.  She helped me pick out the right equipment, gave me music and told me how to deal with contracts, promoters, etc.  I would recommend the lessons to anyone interested in DJ’ing.  I would also recommend the lessons to anyone not interested in DJ’ing because after the first lesson, you will be!”
Jonathan Friedman (DJ Cutaway)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Since I didn’t take the lessons I can only tell you what I hear from Jonathan.  He has found the DJ lessons very worthwhile.  He had a lot of fun and although he has a lot more to learn, DJ Lisa Love taught him enough to be able to get started DJ’ing on his own.  This is something he has wanted to try for awhile and DJ Lisa Love’s clear, straightforward teaching combined with her enthusiasm has really fired up his own enthusiasm.  I am glad he signed up for lessons and glad that we both got to know DJ Lisa Love.  I hope we’ll keep in touch and that she will hear good things about Jonathan’s future as DJ Cutaway.”
June Clark,  (DJ Cutaway’s mother) 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I really enjoyed how DJ Lisa Love was able to give a very professional experience while maintaining a relaxed environment.  It was great to be able to have her come to my home and teach me the ins-and-outs of my own equipment.  I know from my own experience that it can be awkward for the teacher to be out of their own teaching area or to have to get familiar with equipment that they are not used to.  She was worth every penny!  She has given me the confidence to pursue my DJ career.  It is also reassuring to know that I can get in touch with her for any future questions that might arise in my path as a beginning DJ.”
Austin Tremellen (DJ Austin T)
"I really enjoyed the experience at The More Than Music DJ Institute.  As a musician I gained a new perspective.  I didn’t realize how much skill and finesse was involved with mixing, especially when it comes to mixing vinyl.  I felt familiar with the digital interface quickly because the terminology is the same as the software I use to create music but I really appreciated the organic feel of mixing vinyl.  DJ Lisa Love is a great and patient teacher.  She’s very knowledgeable and I like the fact that she’s from the “old school” since that’s where this art originated.  I look forward to incorporating this new skill set into my music.” (on Facebook)
Andrew Compaine (DJ Droo Traxx)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“The More Than Music DJ Institute was a great learning experience.  I learned everything I needed to know to start my career as a working DJ.  DJ Lisa Love is not only a great instructor but a mentor and a true life-long friend.  DJ Lisa Love was instrumental in me going to the next level.  She is very supportive and stays in touch even after graduation.  I recommend MTMDJI to anyone who wants to become a DJ. From the beginner to the professional It’s The Real Deal.” (on Facebook)
Tom Krzywicki (DJ Kwik)
"Before taking DJ Courses with DJ Lisa Love I had no prior experience. I had never touched a turntable in my life. So basically I had no idea what I was getting myself into other than finding a new appreciation for the one thing that I turn to whenever I need a pick me up in life which is Music. I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to learning new things and having Lisa as an instructor allowed me to master everything I could have possibly wanted to master in the matter of 5 classes. It is crazy to think of all the things I learned in such a short amount of time. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. She goes out of her way to get music that reflects you and she makes you feel at home.
I could not recommend a better person to teach you how to DJ other than Lisa. She is a great teacher and friend and I will always appreciate what she has done for me. She has allowed me to love something that I never thought I would. I knew I would give DJing a try but I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do.
As for what I am doing now with everything I learned. Well as of right now I am saving up money to buy my equipment. Now that I see how much I enjoyed it I want to be able to turn to my turntables whenever I want to get away and go into the world of counting beats and blending sounds to make music sound amazing. I am not out for getting gigs I am doing this for my own amusement. If I get them then awesome but I want to cherish the things I love first before I turn them into more than just an extracurricular.
I just want to say thank you to Lisa. Keep doing what you do because you have one of the biggest hearts I have ever met in a person. You have made me feel like family and I truly appreciate it. You deserve everything in the world for all the things you have taught your students."
Tatiana Ramirez 
"Just want to thank DJ Lisa Love for the amazing gift of teaching and the love and passion for music. Thank you for a great experience I enjoyed and really understand how to DJ now.You are the best . God bless you and all my love to you." (Yul Giraldo)
"The More than Music DJ Institute definitely lives up to its name. At the MTMDJI I not only learned how to DJ but I found an extended family. This experience has given me an outlet to express myself (The Misfit within).  Lisa has a gift for teaching and patience that is out of this world. I think she is a super heroine...Lol. Thank you for all that you do, you are appreciated!!!"
Myeesha White (DJ Misfit)
"Lisa is an amazing teacher! Very patient and always thinking outside of the box."
Fajr Muhammad (DJ Fajr)
"One of the best things I ever did. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I first took the class, but from the moment you meet Lisa, you see her passion to teach - and not only to be a DJ. She treats you as a friend and you know this is going to be a great time. She walks you thru everything you ever need to know...and she'll customize the lesson to you. She saw my desire to learn to DJ and she pushed me the whole way! Now that I'm ready to set foot out there in the world of DJing, I know Lisa is there for me to help me succeed. Whether it's tomorrow or 5 years down the road, I know she's got my back."
Neerav Mull         (DJ Ravi Jackson)
"Lisa is GREAT, patient, and passionate about the art and teaching. You can tell her heart is really in it."
Katy Pritchett (DJ Buenas Aires)
"I really didn't know anything about DJing prior to taking the course.  Lisa Love instilled enough knowledge in me. . . about the basics of DJing. I now see why the institute is named 'More Than Music'. I mean, this woman. . . taught me something that will be valuable to me for a lifetime. She even picked me up at home once and we live almost an hour away.  My graduation was at 88.1 fm in West Philly and I was given the opportunity to spin live. Wow!, by far the greatest experience i have ever encountered. From day one I was treated like a long time friend by not just Lisa Love but also fellow students. I cant wait to take the next level class."
Geraldo Pabon (DJ Impeccable)
"Before class i never knew how to operate serato. In 4 hrs Lisa had me in my bag with it. Went home practiced, still developing my own swagger with it. Now every Wed. Night 9pm-12midnight helping you get over the hump right is SoulKemistry Radio your OFFICIAL HEADNOD POD on WPEB 88.1fm Philadelphia. Still doing Clubs, Special Events, Bday Parties, and Weddings as well. Get @ me. "
Lamar Moses (DJ YesInDeed!)
"She is a great teacher!!!! She has taught me more than a thing or two about the DJing game."
DJ Bre
"Where to begin. I was the first student of Lisa's new experiment, a guinea pig if you will, actually a petrified lab rat. I was scared to even pick up a vinyl, let alone a needle! She changed me in the first 2 hours. She opened up my eyes to this new world that I knew I wanted to be a part of. I went on to receive  lessons from her, attaining my first gig before I had even graduated! Lisa always showed me so much love and I have the most respect for her. She quickly became my mentor and I brag about her to everyone. After the lessons were over Lisa and I remain in touch, letting each other know about gigs and what not, and I recently interviewed her and wrote an article about her life which can be read page 8 at She remains a powerful force in my life and I am forever indebted to her."
Sarah Simber (DJ Simma)
"Course was unbelievable, left with a lot of knowledge about turntables and the art of spinning records. Learned a lot about serato, and now feel comfortable spinning in front of friends and blending."
DJ Clyde Max(well)
"Lisa is a great teacher and mentor. I have really improved my blending, cutting, and scratching skills in her class. And we always have fun!"
Eric Spiegel (DJ E-Chill, the Babyface Lova!)
"Completed crash course. Probably coming back for more. Learned a lot about DJing and using Serato!"
David Kremer (DJ DK)
"I just completed the beginner crash course. I learned a great deal about bpm's and blending. It was a lot of fun and I actually went and got serato a couple of days later to start practicing! I'm looking forward to taking the intermediate course."
Sharnell (DJ Kaya)
"Lisa has taken me through the steps, and I love it. DJing is so fun!
I finished Lisa's beginners and intermediate courses. I have learned so much from her! She is a great teacher and really inspiring.
I disappeared for a while, but now I'm back spinning on her tables, and she's whippin' me back into shape!"
"I am still taking the course, but she is patient and she adjusts my course toward my goals. I want to learn music structure and she helps a lot. I am glad that I am taking the course."
Jihad Ali Jr
"It was a fun experience, I acquired the knowledge to be a successful dj.....and I'm still eager to learn more."
Blandina Kudayah (DJ UnBreakable)
"Love the atmosphere. She shows the love and dedication."
Roberto Rivera
“I came as a novice and with the help of DJ Lisa Love I can now blend my favorite music."
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